My Story

I have enjoyed practising yoga for over 15 years, but several years ago I began to greatly increase my practice in order to help me deal with the stress and pressures that came with working as a teacher in London. The more I practised, the more I noticed the intrinsic connection between mind, body and breath, and the more I benefited from using a range of different yoga techniques to address how I was feeling both physically and mentally. Spending time immersing myself in retreats in both Europe and India enabled me to experience the many different types of yoga that exist today and taught me that with yoga, there really is something for everyone; yoga is about so much more than just ‘being flexible’, a common perception that can understandably be off-putting to many. Over the years, I have noticed more and more that no matter how I am feeling, be it stressed, ill, injured or pregnant, I have always been able to adapt my practice to suit my mind and body at that time – and this personalised approach is something that I always strive to convey to my students.             


The 500 Hour Teaching Training Course with the British Wheel of Yoga (the highest level of yoga training available in the UK) enabled me to gain an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the different poses as well as a strong grounding in breathing and meditation techniques and yoga philosophy. My classes focus strongly on the correct alignment of the poses and on moving with the breath, ensuring students listen to their bodies and work gradually towards building strength, flexibility and stamina, without forcing or putting unnecessary pressure on the muscles and joints.

I clearly remember the classes I attended that led me to become passionate about yoga; I would leave those classes feeling so much calmer, lighter and more balanced, and now as a teacher I have very much the same intention for my students.